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Veterinary Orthodontics

Veterinary orthodontics is the treatment of a tooth or teeth out of alignment. Errors in occlusion can lead to soft tissue trauma, pain, infection, and inability to fully open or close the mouth. Developmental malocclusions are considered genetic until proven otherwise, therefore genetic counseling is warranted when seen in puppies. Acquired malocclusions are usually a result of trauma, neoplasia or severe periodontal disease. Treatment varies and depends on several factors including the position of the offending teeth, the age of the patient, the severity of the malocclusion, disposition of the patient, finances, client goals and health of the patient.

Orthodontic movement can be achieved by the application of passive or active devices within the oral cavity. Some patients can benefit from crown reduction with vital pulp therapy whereas others require extractions or no treatment at all! A thorough consultation is warranted for all patients with malocclusion. I am happy to help!

Why Orthodontics Matters:

Proper dental alignment is crucial to our patient’s comfort and function. Orthodontics strives to provide a pain-free bite.

I provide tailored treatment solutions that take into account client goals, finances, and the patient’s personality.