Maxillofacial Surgery

Advanced maxillofacial surgery includes tumor removal, jaw fracture repair, surgery of the salivary glands, cervical lymph nodes, and tongue. Often such surgeries are performed for the treatment of benign and malignant oral growths. Such cases are an unfortunately common occurrence and swift, specialized treatment is paramount. I am fortunate to have come from a teaching program that had a strong emphasis on maxillofacial oncologic surgery and feel comfortable offering such services to your practice. Maxillofacial trauma has its own challenges as no two trauma patients present in the same manner. Often multiple techniques are applied to a single patient to address their injuries. I can offer minimally invasive and conservative techniques ranging from wound debridement and soft tissue closure to interfragmentary or interdental wiring.


Tumor Removal

Treatment of maxillofacial neoplasia ranges from simple without long-term complications to complex with risk of major changes in cosmesis and function. Thorough consultation would be performed by me with the pet parents in such cases to answer all questions and ensure we are all on the same page prior to such undertakings.


Jaw Fracture Repair:

Pets can experience jaw fractures due to accidents or other traumatic incidents. I am adept at jaw fracture repair, aiming to restore standard functionality and alleviate discomfort for your patients.


Salivary Gland and Lymph Node Surgery:

Salivary gland surgery is common for the treatment of sialoceles in dogs. Lymph node removal can be performed as a form of staging or treatment of maxillofacial neoplasia.


Surgery of the Tongue:

Tongue-related conditions can impact your patient’s comfort and ability to eat and drink. Depending on etiology, a portion of the tongue can be removed as a treatment option.


Palate Repair:

Palate issues can affect your pet’s eating ability and lead to other health complications. I am experienced in palate repair surgeries, providing practical solutions to enhance your patient’s quality of life.